Updated Online Reporting!


 We launched the new online reporting site in May and asked for your feedback.

Thank you for all those who completed the survey and sent through comments. We have gone through the suggestions and are launching the latest version based on all the feedback over the past 5 months.

The layout has been updated, searching has been improved, and the mobile layout has been fixed to make it easier to report when you are on the go. Please keep the feedback coming as we will continue to improve the site based on your input.

The update will be launched October 16, 2013 and there is nothing you need to do other than login and report as normal.


Reporting Category Changes

With the changes to the way reproductions are made under the Church/Schools Copyright Licenses we have added a Digital reporting category. For those who create a translation a new Translation category has been added. Also, the Projection category has now been removed as digital projections are now added the the Digital Reporting category. Full explanation of the NEW reporting categories can be found on the website.


Church Copyright Licence & Music Reproduction Licence Reporting

Instructions to set up or add extra users for Online Reporting under the Church Copyright Licence:

Go to Online Reporting and view the instruction on the page to login.

To assist you when reporting, please refer to the following:

Church Copyright Licence:

PRINT: The reproduction (i.e. printing, copying or handwriting) of the words/lyrics of songs in bulletins, song sheets, songbooks, transparencies, slides and similar forms for one-time or recurrent usage; and the creation and reproduction of custom musical arrangements of songs (for instruments and/or voices exclusively for use in church worship services and only where no published version is available).


Digital: The saving of the words/lyrics of songs in digital format into, and the retrieval of songs in digital format from, computer software; and the sharing of songs in digital format among authorized church recipients (e.g. worship team members).

Examples of Digital copy activities include:

  • Saving song lyrics into a Word document.
  • Saving song lyrics into a PowerPoint presentation or Worship Planning Software.
  • Retrieving a song lyric file from PowerPoint for purpose of projection.
  • Providing access to a song lyric file on a weekly service plan in Worship Planning Software.
  • Providing access to files on a weekly service plan in Worship Planning Software.
  • Emailing a song file to worship team members.

Note:  any subsequent reproduction of a digital file into physical form (e.g. print) is a separate and distinct reportable event under the Print category.


RECORD: The recording of live worship services containing copyright protected songs in audio and/or video format (including congregational singing, anthems, choirs, offertories, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, orchestrations and vocal/instrumental performances).

Note:  pre-recorded “trax” cannot be recorded or copied in any manner.  Each unique song in a musical or medley is to be reported (e.g. a Christmas musical is recorded onto videotape, each unique song in the musical is to be reported).Note: Audio and video recordings represent two separate forms of reproduction.  If a song is recorded in both formats, please report a reproduction activity of one (1) for each typeExample: Church Alpha records its worship service during which five songs are sung.  Forty recordings are duplicated and distributed.  One (1) reproduction should be reported for each song.


Translation: The translation of a song’s lyrics from the original published version into a preferred language, exclusively for use in church worship services and only where no published version is available.


Music Reproduction Licence (Now Reported Online):

The reporting online has been simplified.


If the answer is yes you report from where you made the copy.




If you have made copies of sheet music (words and notation) from any publications, PDF or from SongSelect they are reported under the section called MRL. Both the publication and the song owner/administrator needs to be covered by CCLI. You can check the authorised list below to ensure the publication is covered.

The Authorised Lists containing all copyright owners covered by your Licence may be found on our website. To be able to use a song under the Church Copyright Licence, the song owner has to be on the Authorised Catalogue List.  If the song is not covered by CCLI, you need to get permission directly from the Administrator of that song to be able to use it.  New catalogues are being added every day, so it is worth you checking back at a later date.  The church has 28 days from the day of entry in which you may edit any information in the online copy report, after which time you will need to contact our office to effect those changes for you.