Church Copyright Licence

Enables you to make overhead transparencies, songsheets and songbooks, maintain a database of lyrics on a computer, record worship services, and make arrangements of the music (where no published version exists).

We have two other variations on the regular Church Copyright Licence:

Event Copyright Licence

Special events such as conferences, festivals, special meetings, weddings, funerals, and so on.

Mobile Copyright Licence

For travelling ministries.


Music Reproduction Licence

Resource your Church’s musicians by allowing multiple copies from a single original source. New songs can be introduced easily, ethically and legally.


Church Video Licence

Enables organisations to show movies or movie clips in a public setting. Over 350 producers take part in this program making it the Licence that is most cost effective and also provides access to the widest variety of genres in Australia and New Zealand today.



SongSelect now features transposable lead sheets, chord sheets and vocal sheets along with lyric downloads and sound samples.


Schools Copyright Licence

The School Copyright Licence is an affordable, annual licence covering lyric reproduction of over 240,000 songs from around the world. Bring your students and guests together with meaningful worship and sacred music.

It is also possible to obtain an Event School Copyright Licence at a reduced price to cover those one off short term events.


Schools Music Reproduction Licence

Music reproduction for musicians can be done easily and affordably with the School Music Reproduction Licence. Copies from a single original source are not limited thereby saving money previously paid for originals.