Now there’s any easy and affordable solution for churches who reproduce songs… or would like to.

Easily and affordably make copies of the words of songs for worship activities.


  • Overhead transparencies
  • Church bulletins
  • Wedding programmes
  • Sunday school card etc.
  • Make legal audio and video recordings of the service
  • Make customised arrangements of music

This licence also covers normal church activities outside the main service such as youth camps, retreats, home groups, and children’s classes.


How does this Licence benefit our church?

It saves time and money
It helps you overcome many problems of obtaining permission to copy words of song. As soon as you receive your Licence number from CCLI, you have immediate access to the use of over 150,000 songs, and new songs are being added for you every day.

It’s affordable
Without a Licence, you must buy a songbook or sheet music to have copies of words of songs, or obtain permission from the song owners for individual songs. Now, you only need to pay one modest annual fee, based on how many people attend your church.

It’s legal
Copyright law is very detailed and demanding. Permission is needed from copyright owners to reproduce songs words and song books. CCLI offers a “blanket clearance” solution that helps take the stress out of copyright law for you.

It’s Ethical
It ensures you comply with the laws of this country and at the same time rewards creators and publishers of Christian music for their labours.

Gives greater music options for your church
This Licence open the door to huge saving in making copies of song words. You can now greatly enlarge the range of songs for your congregational worship.

IMPORTANT: This Licence does not convey the right to make copies of octavos, cantatas, musicals, orchestrations, vocal scores, handbell music, or other instrumental arrangements.


What You Can Do

  • Print songs, hymns and lyrics in bulletins, programs, liturgies and songsheets for use in congregational singing.
  • Create your own customized songbooks or hymnals for use in congregational singing.
  • Create overhead transparencies, slides or use any other format whereby song lyrics are visually projected (such as computer graphics and projection) for use in congregational singing.
  • Arrange, print and copy your own arrangements (vocal and instrumental) of songs used for congregational singing, where no published version is available.
  • Record your worship services (audio or video) provided you only record live music. Accompaniment tracks cannot be reproduced. You may charge up to $4 each for audiocassette tapes and CDs, and $12 each for videotapes and DVDs.
  • Translate song lyrics from the original publisher version into a preferred language exclusively for use in church worship services, only where there is no published version available.

What You Cannot Do

  • Photocopy or duplicate octavos, cantatas, musicals, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, vocal scores, orchestrations or other instrumental works.
  • Rent, sell or lend copies made under the license to groups outside the church or to other churches. (It is OK to distribute recordings to shut-ins, missionaries or others outside the church.)
  • Assign or transfer the license to another church or group without CCLI’s approval.

What’s the Cost?

The annual fee for a Church Copyright Licence is determined by the size of your church. Church size is based on how many people attend your church. If you have multiple services, use your combined attendance.

These prices will be effective on April 1, 2017

Church Size
Total Attendees
per year
Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D
Category E
Category F
Category G
Category H
Category I
Category J
Category K
Category L
Category M
Category N
Category O
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Royalties from Licence fees are distributed to the song composers and publishers fairly, based upon the copy reporting done by churches.