A unique licence for one-time events

The Event Licence is designed for one-time events of short duration, such as seminars, conferences, rallies, weddings and funerals. As the Event Licence is for a shorter period of time, the Licence Fee is discounted from the Church Copyright Licence Annual Fee.

The Event Licence is the same as the Church Copyright Licence, with the following conditions:

  • The event will run for no more than fourteen consecutive days.
  • Every song reproduced under the Event Licence must be reported, and every Event Licensee must report.
  • CCLI will automatically terminate the Event Licence at the end of the fourteen day period.

Here is a summary of what you have the freedom to do as an Event Copyright Licence Holder:

  • Create overhead transparencies, slides, or use any other format where songs are visually projected, such as computer graphics and projection.
  • Print songs and hymns in bulletins, programs, liturgies and songsheets.
  • Create your own customised songbooks or hymnals.
  • Arrange, print and copy your own arrangements, vocal and instrumental, of songs where no published version is available.
  • Record your worship services by audio or video means, provided you only record “live”musc (instrumental and vocal).  Accompaniment “tracks”cannot be reproduced.

The quantity of copies allowed should not exceed the maximum number of your “Event size” category except in relation to the recording of the worship service where the number of copies created should not exceed 15% of the category size.


What’s the Cost?

The fee for an Event Copyright License is determined by the size of the event. Size is based on how many people attending the event.

These prices will be effective on April 1, 2017

Event Size
number of participants
per event
Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D
Category E
Category F
Category G
Category H
Category I
Category J
Category K
Category L
Category M
Category N
Category O
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Royalties from Licence fees are distributed to the song composers and publishers fairly, based upon the copy reporting done by churches.


The Event Licence does NOT allow you to:

  • Photocopy or duplicate octavos, cantatas, musicals, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, vocal scores, orchestrations or other instrumental works.
  • Translate songs from English into another language. This can only be done with the approval of the respective publisher.
  • Rent, sell or lend copies made under the Licence to groups outside the church or to other churches.
  • Assign or transfer the Licence to another church or group without CCLI’s approval.

All terms are in effect only when the Licence is active.