What does the Schools Music Reproduction Licence allow me to do?

Make multiple copies from a single original source when the song owner is on the Authorised Catalogue List and whose publications are on the Authorised Publishers List. There is no longer the need to purchase multiple originals.

It Reduces Delays – No need to wait for copies to appear at the music store.

It’s easy – You purchase only one original and you can make multiple copies.

It’s affordable – You pay an annual fee based on your estimate of copies made. At the end of the year, the amount is adjusted according to actual usage.

It’s ethical and legal.

Easily enlarges the range of your music.


What does it cost?

The annual fee for a Schools Music Reproduction Licence is determined by the number of copies you would like to make.

These prices will be effective on April 1, 2017

Total Copies
per year
Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D
Category E
Category F
Category G
Category H
Category I
Category J
Category K
Category L
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How is the Schools Music Reproduction Licence different to the Schools Copyright Licence?

The Schools Copyright Licence is for reproduction for corporate worship such as service sheets, data projections etc. The Music Reproduction Licence allows you to make multiple copies of music for musicians and singers.


What are my responsibilities with the Music Reproduction Licence?

  • You must reference all music to be copied to ensure it is covered by the Licence. For each piece of music to be copied, the song owner must be on the Authorised Song Owner List, and the publication owner must be on the Authorised Publication Owner List.
  • Must own an original of the music from which you wish to make copies.
  • Mail in a completed Worksheet every twelve months listing the copies made during that period.